Virtual CFO Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting

KFAS assists you in enhancing the operation of your business, by offering top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services that assist in maintaining a regular record of business finances, billing customers, producing and analyzing financial reports,etc. By relieving you of the responsibility of managing these operations yourself, our service gives your business a competitive edge by lowering overhead, enhancing the invoicing procedure, and boosting productivity.


It can be challenging to comply with various local, national, and international laws and industry standards in today's dynamic business environment. The tax and compliance experts at KFAS are familiar with the changing requirements of businesses and are able to help them maintain and report regulatory compliance procedures while also producing reports that are ready for audit. You will be able to keep ahead of regulatory requirements while also promoting business growth in a cost-effective manner by outsourcing your compliance-related activities.

Registration & Start-up Advisory

For assistance starting a business in India, consult a specialist. We help clients who want to launch a business with all the necessary registrations. We support the majority of start-ups with angel funding as well as developing growth firms. We support start-up and rising growth companies with a number of services, whether it's assisting entrepreneurs in developing their value proposition or gaining the capital they deserve from angel groups, individual investors, or venture firms.

Financial Planning and Reporting

In today's competitive and complicated world, accurate and timely information is crucial. Every company model's success hinges on making the correct choice at the appropriate moment. Considering this, it is crucial that decision-makers receive the appropriate information at the appropriate time to enable prompt action before issues grow complex. KFAS provides Cash Flow management, financial forecasting & financial planning insights, insightful MIS tailored to the need of middle and top level management of your organisation.

Tax Services

You may optimize your deductions and get your taxes completed accurately and on time by using our customer-focused solution for tax planning and preparation.For business and non-corporate clients, we provide a comprehensive range of compliance solutions. We have a lot of expertise preparing tax returns and are knowledgeable about several tax preparation software programs.

Debt Syndication

With an in-depth understanding of the financial market and a robust network of financial institutions, we excel in structuring and arranging debt financing solutions that are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. Our experienced team navigates the intricate landscape of debt markets, sourcing the most favorable terms and conditions for loans, bonds, and other debt instruments. Whether it's funding expansion initiatives, capitalizing on new opportunities, or optimizing capital structure, our Debt Syndication services provide strategic financial solutions that drive growth and stability for businesses.